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“Taste of the region × natural products”

We offer carefully selected Oita brand beef and vegetables, and seafood landed in the sea.

Kaiseki Meal with Original, Creative Dishes

  • 【Standard kaiseki】

    A simple and sophisticated creative kaiseki that changes Oita's seafood and mountain products in spring, summer, and winter.
    Kaiseki who takes Oita sake while looking at a pure Japanese garden while taking a bath rises one after another.
    ※Start at 18:00 at the restaurant on the first floor.
  • 【Oita Wagyu Shabu Shabu Kaiseki】

    Among the high quality Ota Wagyu beef, only those with a grade of meat grade 4 or higher grown on a farm that was particular about deliciousness was Ota Wagyu beef.
    Japanese chef's shabu-shabu, which has been highly acclaimed even for a wide range, recommended by the chief chef※Start at 18:00 at the restaurant on the first floor.
  • 【Breakfast】

    For breakfast, enjoy the Japanese chef recommended by the chief chef while overlooking the pure Japanese garden.

Dining Hall

In the restaurant, you can enjoy a meal with a variety of seasonal changes.
  • Restaurant Honoka (Restaurant)

    You can enjoy seasonal cuisine in front of the various changes in each season.

  • Restaurant Haruka (Shima Seater)

    Limited to 3 seats.