Recommended Plan

  • ◆Choose Kaiseki & Rewards plan◆<Most Popular>All you can say selfishly! 2 favorite favorites from "popular 6 benefits"!

    ■□Choose 6 Benefits□■
    Please select "2" favorite benefits from the below
    1., "Extra rare" Californian wine "Full bottle 1
    ※I will make it one per pair.
    2., "Amenity set to be beautiful" female only!
    3., "Early check-in" from 14 o'clock!
    Four., "Hell steaming·Petit sushi·One article out of Amena!
    ※I will assume the same dish per pair.
    Five., "Pleasant transportation service"※Reservation required from 15 o'clock to 17 o'clock, until 18 o'clock the previous day
    6., "Original Yukata free dressing service"

    For more information from plan information!
  • ◆Standard Plan◆~ Enjoy the luxury of the adult's hot water ~ "Instant bamboo creation kaiseki"

    ■Chief chef's passion 5 chosen■
    ① Creative kaiseki shining beautiful & skilled skills to instant
    Instagram - Search by # nagomitsuki!
    ② a sense of convenience that you can enjoy both seafood and mountainee carefully selected locally Oita
    ③ Passion that you can convince the amount while checking the taste
    ④ Alcohol is a bit different from others such as local sake, domestic unsold wine
    ⑤ Free buffet benefits only now

    At breakfast you can choose a salad bar · a drink bar to choose!
    salad bar…
    Macaroni salad·potato salad·Vegetable salad + Various vegetables dish

    drink bar… Apple·Vegetables·Lemon ginger·Pink grapefruit, milk, Black tea(Earl Gray, English breakfast, Lemon,
  • ◆Premium Plan◆A5 Bungo Cattle Shabu or Trafu "Two plan to Choose with Luxury in Winter"

    ◆◇The finest food ingredient shabu-shabu plan can choose◇◆
    ★Please select "one" from the following.
    1. "Bungo Cattle A5 Rank Wagyu Beef" "Shabu Shabu" using "Top"
    2. "Now is the season! Torafuru Taken at the Bungo Campus "
    Please select the kaiseki you would like from the question of the accommodation at the time of reservation.
    Please be sure to inform us of changes at least 2 days in advance.
    Changes on the day can not be made.
    One pair will be the same menu.
    For more information from plan information!

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